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MENZ Clergy Robe Cassock Vestment for Pastor White/Gold

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This is a unique cassock clergy robe with 9 solid fabric covered buttons. Full piping on collar, placket, and cuffs. Impeccable quality and workmanship. MEASUREMENTS: You can consider the robe suit sizes. If you do not have a suit measurement, just measure the chest size in inches. This is your suit size.


  • Nehru Notch Collar: The cassock vestment features a Nehru notch collar with a front notch, imparting a sense of solemnity and devotion to your pastoral role.
  • 9 Solid Fabric Buttons: Adorned with 9 solid fabric buttons in a luxurious gold hue, the front closure exemplifies attention to detail and adds an elegant touch to the vestment's design.
  • Back Length: The cassock vestment measures 59" from the top collar to the hem, ensuring a striking and dignified appearance during religious ceremonies.
  • Lined: Fully lined from the collar to the hips, the vestment guarantees comfort and a refined look, allowing you to lead with spiritual conviction and confidence.
  • White/Gold Color: The pristine white color symbolizes purity, spiritual cleansing, while the gold accents represent the divine and the sacred.


  • Wrinkle Resistant: Crafted from wrinkle-resistant fabric, the cassock vestment maintains its pristine appearance, preserving your refined image throughout religious occasions.



MENZ Clergy Robe Cassock Vestment for Pastor White/Gold

$109.99 Regular price $199.99

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