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MENZ Clergy Stole Overlay Cross Embroidery for Priest Pastor

$59.99 Regular price $79.99


A unique clergy stole with Arabian braiding on ends. Perfect match for adding embellishment to your cassock clergy robe. Great quality and workmanship.


  • Satin Embroidery: The stole features exquisite satin embroidery, meticulously crafted with intricate details, including a prominent overlay cross design. The embroidery adds a sense of grandeur and sacredness to the stole, enhancing your role as a spiritual leader.
  • Length: Measuring 110" long with an 8.5" neck band, the stole drapes gracefully over the shoulders and down the front, symbolizing the significance of your priestly or pastoral duties.
  • Arabian Braided Ends: The stole is adorned with Arabian braided ends, representing a symbol of spiritual unity and tradition within your faith.
  • Fully Lined: The stole is fully lined for added durability and comfort, ensuring it rests comfortably on your shoulders during long ceremonies and services.
  • Wrinkle Resistant: Crafted from wrinkle-resistant fabric, the stole maintains a pristine appearance, allowing you to perform your sacred duties with an unwavering and dignified presence.


  • The stole is made from high-quality materials, carefully selected to embody the sacred significance of your role as a spiritual guide.


Brand: MENZ

MENZ Clergy Stole Overlay Cross Embroidery for Priest Pastor

$59.99 Regular price $79.99

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